Q.1. Should I clean any water left over in the tank after usage ?

Ans. It is mandatory to discard any leftover water from the tank & main unit after each usage. Ensure to wipe off any water droplets before storing

(Note: While disposing off water, hold the main unit or handle, so your hands are not exposed to hot water)

Q.2. Can we use tap water for steaming ?

Ans. Do not use tap water as it may contain harmful elements harming both your skin & steamer. Always use filtered water for steaming & also for prolonged product life.

Q.3. The steam smells plastic during usage. Is it normal ?

Ans. The mild smell of plastic is a normal occurrence during first few sessions as the product is new. It will gradually disappear after some time.

Q.4. How to use steamer with essential or medicated oils ?

Ans. Essential or medicated oils should be used through the cotton pads only. Pour few drops of the oil onto the pad and fix tray to the steam outlet

Q.5. Can I use cotton for oils after the cotton pads are worn out ?

Ans. Yes, you can. Only make sure not to cover steam outlet by cotton as it will reduce flow of steam.

Q.6. I see water droplets leaking from the cap of the tank. Is the product defective ?

Ans. No. The spring attached to the cap of the tank allows water to the heating device once it is inserted and so you see water drops once tank is connected to the steamer.


We would also like you to follow some mandatory instructions while using the steamer, in order to avoid such instances in the near future. 

  • Do not tilt or bend the steamer during or immediately after usage - There are chances of hot water coming in contact with the inner parts and damaging them.
  • Irrespective of the duration of steaming session, please ensure to remove the tank, empty the remaining water from the tank & steamer, before storing it back.
  • The steamer works in such a way, that the water from the tank enters the main unit through the spring. As a result, it is normal to see some amount of hot water leftover after the session. Gradually over time this hot water(40 °C) accumulation melts the cap of the tank