1. I weighed myself twice continuously and the numbers were really different. Is my scale defective? - Answer: The manufacturing tolerance is typically plus or minus 300-800g under 100 kg, and 1% over 100 kgs. If the readings are within this tolerance, the scale is performing as designed. If the weights are more than 1 kg or 2 pounds, your scale may have been “bumped”, or the scale may be on an uneven or carpeted surface. Weighing yourself twice right away is not a way to test the accuracy of your scale. The scale is calibrated for accuracy at the factory. The only definite way to check for accuracy in the home is using certified weights.
  2. Why is the weight at my doctor’s office or friend so different than at home? - Answer: Weight of a person can vary widely throughout the day, and depends on such factors as meals, amount of water in the body, exercise, etc. If you weigh yourself at home in the morning and then at the doctor’s in the afternoon, the weight can vary, maybe as much as 5 lbs. That is just the nature of the human body. Also, even though the doctor’s scale may be a professional model, it is not known when it may have been calibrated. Your HealthSense scale finds the zero (calibrates) after the user has stepped off. It is best to monitor your weight on your own weighing scale.